Price list for the current show @cogean_gallery

Catherine Cross Uehara

B R I G H T  C L I P P I N G S

Behind front door:

 my shipping resumè

NYT - T magazine cover featuring Alexander McQueen, green tinted latex primer, blue mesh, acrylic, spray paint, and manila envelope. 2018



Front Room Starting to the RIGHT of the Front Door:

 A small mesh painting with paint splotch like an open mouth

Acrylic on blue mesh fabric 2015



A conglomeration of scraps and feathers

Fabric, leather, paint, feathers 2018



East wall/south corner from top to bottom:

 A Positive Glitter Heart

Plastic mesh tarp fabric, acrylic paint, & glitter  2016-17


 Sample bag #1

A painted Ziploc bag containing a lace/stencil on paper and a plastic statue of liberty 2017-18



A small mesh blue & green painting with small moments of pink and glitter in the upper left

Blue mesh fabric with acrylic and latex tinted primer and glitter  2016



Sample bag #2

A Ziploc baggie containing BEAVER CHIPS from Northern Saskatchewan, and a piñata sticker on the outside



A Hairy Mesh Painting

This is the best one of the series, and my personal favorite

Acrylic light molding paste and acrylic on blue mesh fabric 2016


Hanging in the window:

My wedding dress (I’m no longer married)

I have worn this dress/kimono on multiple ceremonial occcasions

The dress was purchased from the ‘prom’ section on sale from Cicada in Seattle

The Silk Organza Kimono custom made by Carole McClellan

Shoes by Bruno Magli


inquire for price/reserved for volume sale


On the east wall in the North Corner

 Hiding in plain sight

Acrylic and glitter on canvas, 16 x 20 inches  2008-18




Ink, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 20 x 16 inches  2018  



A gridded floral handkerchief painting

Handkerchief and acrylic  2006-18




On the NORTH wall to the left of the window from left to right and moving down from the top:

 A tangle of accumulated lived experience

Found nylon netting, fishing line and lures and weights, some melted plastic and found objects attached to stainless steel cheese wires  2002-2018



2 small unfinished shadow paintings

Various media on panel  2018

$100 each


2 medium sized shadow paintings

acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12 inches each  2018

$125 each


How the oak trees outside my window dance in the light

Acrylic and ink on canvas, 16 x 20 inches  2018



Dark shadows in thick old paint

Acrylic and spray textured paint on canvas, 16 x 20 inches  2018




A conglomeration/sewn together unit of scraps with gingham and silver bubble wrap






An abstract self-portrait with bangs (square)

Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 x 2 inches  2002-2018



Ikebana for the New Regime #2 of 4 (maquette for future reproduction)

Found object sculpture with trophy parts   2017


Please note: This object is part 2 of a 4 part series intended to be 3D scanned, scaled up and down and reproduced in various media – eg. scaled for public art display, jewelry fabrication, etc. The artist would need to have permission to access/scan this object and retain full reproduction rights.

 Below the OPEN/Kitchen Shelf

 Various Paintings 12 x 9 and 12 x 12 inches– some more finished than others

Abstract/newbies $100 each

Still lives $200 each

 Bottom row floral diptych with aqua and pink: $500


On the North Wall between the Kitchen and the Window

 Untitled (almost)free standing drawing on board

Acrylic, ink and paper on re-purposed matt board  2016-17



Sample Bag #3 (sample bags are all meant to be sold & shown together)

A Ziploc bag containing an old Hornet’s nest  - Date unknown

Included with purchase of at least two more sample bags



 Absence makes the heart grow fonder/stronger (sfongler)

Oil on canvas with embroidery floss  2004-2018



ON/By the 3/4 wall:

A collaborative domestic table installation including:

 Ikebana for the New Regime #3 of 4 (original Maquette) 2016-17

A found object sculpture intended to be scanned and reproduced/scaled up/down in various media. Like the other sculpture near the kitchen, access to the sculpture by the artist and reproduction rights would need to be maintained. (with various other elements.)

 The sculpture alone: $2000

The installation: by arrangement between the buyer, cogean? gallery and the artist.


Staghorn fern in a blonde wig/vintage canister

NFS alone, the drawing of it: $200 the two together: $500


On the Shelves (rotating and collaborative domestic arrangement) please inquire for pricing of individual objects.


In the dining room:

Drawings behind and around the tv sets:


4 Gold Ink Botanical drawings: 2018

Fig:  $200

3 other: Early Hydrangea/ amaryllis/dahlia drawings: $150 each

 All 4: $500


Gangster fawn watching global warming on TV -  2017



Tiger Lily Botanical 2017



Trucker Hat Botanical 2017-18

Acrylic, ink, and fabric on panel with fake flowers



On the far side of the TVs

From the bottom up, and Left to Right


Buttercups in a paper cup - 2018

Sketchbook drawing


 Almost an airplane 2017 or 18

Recycled paper dipped in latex paint and acrylic gesso


I guess the Fritos just weren’t enough 2017

sketch book drawing



a sketchbook drawing of the place where the laundry line meets the installation

watercolor 2017



a December botanical from my mother’s kitchen

watercolor and ballpoint pen  2017



the First Year Fig (December) 2017

watercolor and pencil



a Mother’s Day Arrangement #3 2018

Acrylic on paper (sketchbook painting)

NFS: collection of the artist’s mother


Untitled / a small sewn arrangement (red zig zag) 2018

Mixed media on duralar or vellum of some kind



IN THE CUPBOARD/entertainment center


Not a picnic 2018

Acrylic and ink on canvas, 16 x 20 inches

Including inflatable crown. $500


Behind the cupboard door

 Untitled Paper Arrangement  $150

Re-used paper, with acrylic, and rabbit fur


On the Love Seat

 Self-Portrait wearing blue eye-shadow

Velvet pillow with acrylic and chimpanzee mask $500


 To the right of the love seat, top to bottom

 A Portrait of a Sri Lankan King/ an effigy/ the spitting image of my father

Found in tourist gift shop/ in either Colombo or Kandy 2008 (?)

balsa wood carving and vintage artificial lei

 NFS Collection of the artist


The window and the oak trees behind it (July, late afternoon)  2018

Acrylic and pencil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches



The window and the oak trees behind it (July, late afternoon) 2018

Acrylic and pencil on canvas 9 x 12 inches



West Wall


Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 inches


 to the right of the Hutch, top to bottom

 a Mother’s Day Arrangement #1 2018            *******SOLD************

acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16 inches



a Mother’s Day Arrangement #2 2018

acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 inches